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Discover Riga – limo tour around Riga city.
In the program: excursion about the historical centre of Riga (by limousine) with the walk around the unique Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) area: Alberta street and picturesque surroundings + Old Town walking tour.
Duration: 4 hours


Included: Tour Guide, all entrance tickets,dinner, botle of champaigne.

Price: from 50.00 Euro p/p min 4 persons / max 8 persons


Riga, the capital of Latvia, was officially founded in 1201. The historical centre of Riga has begun its establishment only in the end of 19th century after the city defense walls were demolished. Until this period there were only two parts of the city - Old Riga as an inside part of the town, and the other territory behind the defense walls, with some restrictions in the house building processes. Situation changed in 1860th when the construction of the embankment of the channel has begun. This embankment is some kind of the border between Old Riga and the historical centre of the town. 
Architecture of historic centre of Riga is represented by different architectural styles (from Gothic to Modernism) typical for the Northern Europe.


In 1997 Old Riga, Boulevard circle and significant Jugendstil/Art Nouveau urban fabric in the centre of the city have been included in UNESCO World Heritage List. The historical centre of Riga was the kind of place for the competition between the local architects, especially at the start of 20th century. There are more than 800 Art Nouveau buildings in the city and on the famous Alberta street – itself a showcase - you will find a Museum of Art Nouveau. Buildings in this elegant mode are scattered around the whole city centre. We'll take a walk through the Art Nouveau district where you can see both decorative and rational Art Nouveau, and also Latvia's distinctive national romanticism style.





"Baltic pearl" - the largest beach resort in the Baltic States is situated along Riga Bay, only 20 km from Riga's city centre.
A limousine trip.



Duration: 5 hours


Included: Tour guide, all entrance tickets and taxes,dinner, botle of champaigne

Price: From 60.00 Euro p/p min 4 persons / max 8 persons, SPA procedures available for an additional fee




Jurmala's unique, white sand beaches are 32 km long. It meets Europe's water quality, infrastructure, and safety standarts and receives the EU Blue Flag each year. Smoking and walking dogs on Jurmala's main beaches are banned.


Jurmala's attractions extend beyond the beach. Jurmala is also a township situated in a park-like landscape, where two-storey, intricately carved wooden housing predominates. The architecture consists of an eclectic combination of modern mansions and original wooden homes dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Jurmala is quiet, calm, and relaxed with its clean paved paths, narrow streets, and houses hidden among the trees. Garden-lovers will enjoy the impeccably mowed lawns and elaborate flowerbeds surrounding Jurmala's mansions.




For at least two centuries, Jurmala's spas have been famous for their mud baths and mineral springs. These resorts have extensive experience in healing various diseases, and offer health-improving procedures affordably. The city provides everything from tennis courts to restaurants and cozy casinos. Both classical and contemporary music concerts and festivals regularly take place at Dzintari Concert Hall.


Pedestrian Jomas Street is always full of lazy tourists, and offers cosy shops, cafes, and outdoor beer gardens. This street runs parallel to Jurmala's best beaches, stretching from district Bulduri to district Majori. This beach area features summer beachside cafes, volleyball fields, and swings. In case of bad weather, the water park "Livu Akvaparks" is always a good alternative and can fit up to 1500 visitors simultaneously in its many roomy sections.




Following the Livonian Order


A limousine trip to Cesis town (90 km from Riga), the ancient capital of Livonian Order. A guide dressed in XVI century clothes will show us Medieval sights, telling the ancient legends of Livonian crusaders. In the program – we'll visit Cesis castle, a former residence of Livonian Master (Landmeister), come down to catacombs with flambeaus and take a promenade about marvelous castle park.
After that - a dinner in auberge with degustation of famous Cesis beer.



Duration: 8 hours

Included: Tour guide, all entrance tickets, dinner, botle of champaigne

Price: From 80.00 Euro p/p min 4 persons / max 8 persons


Cesisis an ancient little town in northern Latvia in very picturesque area. In 2006 Cesis have celebrated its 800-th anniversary.

Cesis is popular with tourists because of its unique medieval atmosphere, wide range of festivals, outstanding recreation opportunities, and the wonderful nature to be found around the town.



Local sights and attractions

Livonian Order Castle

The best-preserved Livonian castle in Latvia, dating back to ancient times. The castle was partly destroyed during the Great Northern War (1700-1721) and has not been restored ever since. (The Livonian Order was an autonomous Livonian branch of the Teutonic Order and a member of the Livonian Confederation from 1435–1561.


New Castle of Cesis (18th Century)

This castle houses The Museum of History and Art. From the Tower you'll have a breathtaking view on the ancient ruins and Gauja National nature reserve.



St John's Church (13th Century)
The largest church in northern Latvia. The church tower provides a beautiful panorama of the town. It was the Dome cathedral of Livonian Order, the master of the Order and his knights were buried here. In the south-western part of the wall we can watch the ancient solar clock dated 1744 year.

The Old Town


Narrow cobblestone streets have retained the original medieval town plan. Tile-roofed houses, souvenir shops and a cafe with a fireplace create an atmosphere of old times and crusaders.

Cesis is so homely and cosy that a visit to this town seems like a holiday to a kind Latvian granny. This is a place, where genuine cordiality and real coziness vibrates in the air; where one can laze a bit and forget everything else in the world; where each traveler is welcomed warmly and plied with the tastiest honey-covered bread slice ever.
Cesis is truly not only one of the oldest but also one of the most Latvian-spirit towns. Rich in picturesque landscapes and testimonies of the past, it embodies both an intriguing sense of antiquity and modern self-esteem. Both Cesis and the Cesis district are among the most attractive temptations for travellers in Vidzeme.
If you wish to recover your mind from the crowd of the city, you should take a walk through the small lanes of Cesis, which still maintain their layout as in medieval times. They cross unique silent yards, with small one- or two-storey buildings with red tile roofs on the side, as mute but friendly witnesses with lilac bushes and roses blossoming next to them in spring-time. The Cesis church and the old castle-ruins with the castle park are places where to let yourself think and wonder.


The King


A limousine trip to Kurzeme's Baroque gem and the former residence of Duke Biron of Courland - Rundale Palace. After that we'll visit the last Livonian Order castle in Latvia – Bauska Castle. And then let's take a lunch in the Empire-style manor in Mezotne.
Duration: 7 hours

Included: Tour guide, all entrance tickets, dinner, botle of champaigne

Price: From 70.00 Euro p/p min 4 persons / max 8 persons

Rundale Palacea marvelous architectural and historical monument was designed by and built under the supervision of the outstanding architect from St. Petersburg Franchesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who also worked for Russian tsar and designed the Winter Palace and some manors in St. Petersburg. In 1736 the first foundation stone of this baroque palace was laid. The major part of the interior was made in the period between 1765 and 1768. The first owner of the palace, Ernst Johan Biron, was the Duke of Courland and isremembered for being the favorites lover of the Russian Empress Anna Ioanovna. Nothing in Russia happened without Biron's input at that time. Rundale Palace has 138 premises. The interior of the palace has been restored and is mostly in the Rococo style. There are exhibits showing the history of the castle, the Biron dynasty, and other related subjects. 
The palace is surrounded by a lovely Baroque park.

Bauska Castle.
The castle surrounded by picturesque scenery is located in the territory of Bauska town, on the land strip between two rivers. The Bauska castle complex consists of two parts. The oldest of them – Livonia Order Castle – was built in the middle of the 15th century, but only ruins have remained up to nowadays. While the newest – residence for the Duke of Kurzeme (Courland) – was built at the end of the 16th century. The walls and one of the towers remained intact over the years, but the remaining four towers have been rebuilt. The fortress ruins and the castle's central tower viewing platform are open to the public. Climb into the tower and visit the exhibition about the history and reconstruction of the castle.

Mezhotne Palace.
On the right bank of the River Lielupe,10km from Bauska town lies one of the most outstanding classicism buildings in Latvia- the Mežotne Palace. It was built between 1798 and 1802 in the Classical style for Princess Charlotte von Lieven, who was owner of the Mežotne estate and the governess of the children of Russian Emperor Pavel I. The palace plans were drawn by Russian court architect G Quarengi and executed by German architect J Berlitz. A beautiful English-style park, an exclusive hotel, seminar rooms, and a cafe await visitors. Let's take a royal lunch and feel ourselves like a King or a Queen!






Switzerland of Latvia - Sigulda
In the program: Turaida castle of XXII century; a wooden church with a tomb of Rose of Turaide – a native legendary lover; a hill of Latvian folksongs – Dainas; the Gutmana cave - the largest grotto in the Baltic with a healing spring; a delicious lunch in tavern.
Duration: 8 hours.

Included: Tour guide, all entrance tickets, botle of champaigne

Price: From 80.00 Euro p/p min 4 persons / max 8 persons

Sigulda (German: Siegewald) - a cozy town in the Vidzeme region in Latvia, 53 km from Riga is situated in a picturesque part of Gauja National Park territory. We call it the "Switzerland of Latvia" for its picturesque scenery, making it a favorite place for recreation among both locals and foreigners. It is located only 53 km from Riga, making it an easy day trip. Sigulda has Latvia's largest ski resort, and the town offers opportunities for rest, as well as for sports. Each season here has its own charm.

Turaida castle rises above green foliage of trees like mighty ship built of red brick. Turaida Medieval Castle was built in 1214 according to the Bishop Albert's directive. Gradual expansion and building continued until the 16TH century. The castle was one of the Riga Archbishops' residencies. After the collapse of Livonia states, Turaida castle became a private property and a part of the manor. After the fire in 1776, it was not renovated but the manor owners' living house was built in the castle yard. Romantic castle ruins attracted the tourists' attention already in the 18TH/19TH century. The sight area in the big round tower was built in 1936 but its restoration was started in 1953. 1973 was the start time for archeological excavations that lasted for more than 25 years followed up by restoration and reconstruction. Nowadays the expositions about its history and epoch events are located in the castle hall

The Gutmana Cave lies halfway between Sigulda Castle and Turaida Castle and has a small stream flowing from it. It is the largest cave in the Baltics, measuring 19 m deep, 12 m wide and 10 m high. The cave still bears inscriptions from as early as the 17th century; drinking the water is supposed to be healthy and is said to increase one's lifespan. From the cave it is possible to climb into the hills and take the cable car over the river valley.




Extreme trip to the Naval prison..


Durration: up to 48 hours

Included: Tour guide, all entrance tickets, champagne

Price: From 100.00 Euro p/p min 4 persons / max 8 persons

The Naval Port prison or guardhouse. The building was erected about 1900 and until 1997 it served as a place where military persons served their terms for breach of discipline. From the very first years of its existence, it was a place to break people’s lives and suppress their free will. As powers replaced one another, its prisoners changed as well: they included revolutionaries, seamen and non-commissioned officers of the tsarist army, deserters from the German Wehrmacht, enemies of the people in the Stalinist era, soldiers of both the Soviet army and the Latvian army and other rebels. The newest inscriptions on the cell walls by inmates date to fairly recently, 1997. Mysterious and inexplicable things have been noticed in the guardhouse: the rapping of footsteps, electrical bulbs that unscrew themselves, unaccounted for opening of closed cell doors… Yet encountering seeming apparitions in the prison halls has come as the most unpleasant surprise to many a visitor.


You can make a choise from several tours:


Tours of the prison and the museum:

This is no ordinary museum. Here you will see a prison that has seen almost no change since the tsarist times, you will learn about the way inmates used to live, how a prisoner feels in the brig, you will be able to view a variety of captivating exhibitions, such as the living room of a Soviet citizen, the legacy of World War II, etc.

You will be able to drop in at the prison canteen and purchase authentic Naval Port souvenirs from the Soviet-era buffet keeper. As part of the tour, you will have a chance to watch a 16-minute documentary telling about the construction and history of the Naval Port. At the end of the excursion, you will be able to change into military attire from different ages and take photographs.


Only guided tours are available.

Tours start on the hour between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

We also offer audio guides in Latvian, English, German, Russian and Lithuanian.


Tours with elements of spectacle:

An option for those too scared to take part in the Behind Bars show but still want a tour that is a little out of the ordinary.

Behind Bars: The Show

A historical interactive reality show involving the audience. Created on the basis of true stories from life in the Naval Port prison. The purpose and essence of the show is to give each participant an opportunity to live the part of a prisoner and learn about the most interesting and shocking facts from the history of the prison. Only those over 12 years of age and brave enough are invited to participate. Participants will be asked to sign a statement agreeing to the conditions of the show.

Approximate duration of the event: 1.5 to two hours.


Extreme night:

Fans of especially extreme adventures are offered an overnight show. You will be able to step into the shoes of a prisoner on a dark and dismal night. Arrival at the Naval Port prison is at 9 p.m., and the show lasts till 9 a.m.  Only those who sign a statement agreeing with the conditions of the show will be allowed to participate in it. Spending a night at the Naval Prison may be arranged by prior request only.


Special occasions:

For those who wish to experience an event that has been tailored to their situation and wishes – be it a birthday, a wedding, a hen or a stag night, a corporate event or a sporting event.




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